Art Visits at Burghley House

Burghley House has a wealth of inspiring art, inside and outside for school groups to explore. Inside the house there are fine examples of many different types of Art, Craft and Design which includes paintings, sculpture, tapestries, Marquetry, pietra dura, wood and stone carvings, which can be used to help pupils develop an understanding of different forms of arts and crafts.

Many schools visiting Burghley for an Art themed visit choose to spend their day in our gardens discovering the different sculptures.  In our 14 acre Sculpture Garden pupils can explore contemporary art set in a natural environment.  Pupils will have with plenty of opportunity to observe and explore sculpture created in a variety of mediums.

The educational resources we provide help teachers make the most of their visit, allowing pupils to evaluate and analyse the sculpture using relevant language and recording their experiences and ideas.

There is also the opportunity to enhance your visit with a Sculpture Workshop.

Garden Based Workshops

Wild Art Workshops
We offer a selection of Sculpture Workshops available across the full school age range.  A sculpture workshop at Burghley House allows pupils to explore their own artistic ideas in producing their own creative work. Each pupil who takes part in a Sculpture Workshop at Burghley will leave with a completed piece of 3D artwork. The Workshops last approximately one hour and are usually combined with a garden visit to look at contemporary sculpture within a natural environment, making a visit which lasts all day.

Creative Tile Sculptures
This workshop is aimed at KS1 and 2 children. During the workshop pupils will use natural objects found in the gardens to imprint patterns in a clay tile. Pupils will use their own ideas to explore patterns and texture within this project. The tiles which the children have created will then be cast in plaster of paris, which will allow pupils to take their artworks back to school with them.

Creative Wire Sculptures
This workshop is aimed at KS2 and KS3 pupils. In this Session pupils will use the beautiful, natural environment of Burghley Gardens as their inspiration to create a wire sculpture based the form of a dragonfly. Each child will have a wire dragonfly to take back to school.

Wild Weaving Workshops
This workshop is aimed at KS2 pupils. In this textile art session pupils will explore colour and texture to create a piece of woven fabric on a simple peg loom using a variety of different materials. Pupils will then finish their woven works and hang them on doweling rods to be displayed back at school or home. This is a longer workshop so is best suited to just one class visiting per day.

House Based Workshops

The Story Behind the Face
This workshop is aimed at KS2 pupils. An introduction to the world of portraits, encouraging children to evaluate and analyse portraits to discover their hidden meanings.  In a classroom based session pupils will be introduced to the language and imagery of portraiture and encouraged to question what the artist is trying to say and why people are portrayed in different ways.  This will then be followed by a visit to the house to carry out simple, practical activities which encourage observation, evaluation and analysis of portraits.

The Crafts of Burghley
This workshop is available for KS1 and KS2 pupils, exact session content will vary depending on the age of pupils taking part. Burghley House contains unique collections of art work and furniture. This session looks at the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines. Depending on age, pupils will discover skills such as the paints and brushes used by the 16th / 17th century artists, the precise expertise of wood carver and furniture maker, the delicate but complex nature of tapestry production, the work of silver smiths, stone masons etc. A fascinating session, which will increase pupil’s awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design through looking at the skills of the past.

There is also the opportunity for your pupils to create links between what they have learned in the house and their own work in a classroom based session. Pupils can try crafts, based on what they have seen earlier, thereby reviewing and revisiting some of their ideas and observations from the house tour.

Story telling visits.

Forest Tales
For Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Enjoy a visit to our Sculpture Garden and Garden of Surprises accompanied by our Story Teller.  He will lead you and your children on a short walk through the garden, stopping every now and again to tell age appropriate stories in a natural, woodland settings. The children will have the opportunity to participate by joining in with some of the stories and by discussing with the storyteller what might happen next and why. Storytelling session last approximately one hour and afterwards you will be free to explore the gardens at your leisure. Storytelling visits cost £6.50 per child including V.A.T.
Choose from the following a theme for the stories you would like to hear,
or you may decide to hear a selection from all of the themes.
‘Animal Tails’ – Fairy Stories &Traditional Tales – Woodland Yarns – Mythical Creatures