Environmental Visits at Burghley House

‘Mini-Beasts – A World Within a World’

For children in Key Stage 1 & 2

Explore the exciting world of the Mini-Beast. Children are introduced to the miniature life which lives all around them. They will learn about aspects of Conservation, Food Chains, Producers, Consumers, and Predators, the different parts of insect’s bodies and something of the identification of species. Using our thirteen acre Sculpture Garden as a living resource the children will take a great deal from the day and learn much about the science and life of this tiny world.

Green Plants – Who Needs Them?

For children in Key Stage 1 & 2

Our World needs green plants! The children will learn about conservation and caring for plants. We look at the different parts of a plant, how they feed and reproduce. The importance of plants within food chains is stressed in the ecology of the living world.  Dissect a flower and take leaf prints. The children will explore the life cycle of plants and learn some aspects of identification so they can explore the gardens with new eyes.

To book a visit or discuss your requirements, please call our education team on 01780 761996 or email education@burghley.co.uk