Burghley house is now part of The Explorer’s Road – a 500km touring route through the cultural and historic heart of England.

For two thousand years the English have travelled a highway which connects north to south, creating the original route through the historic and cultural heart of the nation. Highlighting hidden landmarks and much-loved countryside, this is also a new opportunity and invitation for visitors from Germany to get to know the English by exploring their traditions and local history, as well as providing the people of our country with an exciting new route to discover. The Explorer’s Road enables visitors to uncover hidden gems and attractions off the beaten track by selecting their own itinerary and creating their very own journey at www.theexplorersroad.co.uk

Burghley is of course a prominent stop on the route as it passes through Lincolnshire close to Stamford. Those who decide to visit Burghley will discover one of the most fabulous homes of the British aristocracy, its 500 years of history preserved today as a stately home for a new generation to experience. Guests can take a guided tour of this grandest of Elizabethan prodigy houses and relive the past, or explore the sweeping vistas of the grounds and gain a unique perspective on ‘Capability’ Brown – the luminary of 18th Century landscape design – and his reshaping of both the House and the Parkland in which it sits. Visitors can also take in the beauty and variety of the Gardens, with their impressive horticulture, artistic sculptures, and the excitement of youngsters as they splash and play in the fountains.