House Tours and Talks at Burghley

Still a much loved family home, Burghley invites you to discover this Elizabethan Treasure House. Burghley is perhaps best-known for its historical collections of important works of art, early tapestries, impressive Japanese ceramics and sculptures, where many still stand when first recorded in 1688.

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Tours in 2019

The Burghley Experience self-guided visit – £13.50 per person

Your group can indulge at leisure and enjoy the wonderful history of the House, family and its impressive collection using your complimentary full-colour welcome guide.  Our knowledgeable and approachable room stewards are on hand to answer any questions you may have. After this take in the annual Treasury exhibition, our ‘Capability’ Brown at Burghley exhibition, vast parkland, Garden of Surprises and Contemporary Sculpture Garden.

The Burghley Experience guided tour – £15.50 per person 

Our experienced tour guides will transport visitors back in time and bring to life the intricate history of the Cecil family and the collection they have built over their 450 years at Burghley. (Duration: 1 hour. Maximum capacity: 20 per tour)

The Great Collectors –  £15.50 per person

This tour focuses on the 5th and 9th Earl’s of Exeter and their extravagant purchases made on the Grand Tour. Guides introduce the visitor to their purchases in each room, including beautiful tapestries, marquetry furniture and stunning Italian paintings. (Duration: 1 hour. Maximum capacity: 20 per tour)

Remarkable Craftsman at Burghley –  £15.50 per person

This amazing House had remarkable craftsman and this appreciation is highlighted by viewing Verrio’s ceilings, Mayhew & Ince – London furniture makers and Martens plaster ceilings from 1675 to name but a few. (Duration: 1 hour. Maximum capacity: 20 per tour)

Beastly Boring Burghley – 7-12 Yrs – £12 per person

A wonderful new family tour at Burghley. A great way to introduce young families to ‘Horrible History’ in a beastly boring way! Our own Burghley ‘Butler and Maid’ will lead you on an exciting journey through this remarkable House. The children must find turtle skulls in the Kitchen, secret animal code names in the Billiard Room, and English villains in the Pagoda Room with the help of our complimentary children’s Guide Book. (Duration: 1 hour. Maximum capacity: 20 children per tour)

Tour of the State Rooms with ‘Capability’ Brown’s Influence –  £30 per person excluding lunch

Tea/coffee followed by a Tour of the State Rooms viewing ‘Capability’ Brown’s influence of the House and a Tour of the Gardens with the Head Gardener. (Duration: 10:15am – Coffee. 10:30am – Tour of Gardens. 2pm – Tour of Gardens. (Maximum capacity: 20 per tour)

Conservation and Twilight Tours – £25.00 per person

Conservation and Twilight tours are available by request.

Guided tours can be arranged on request at 10.30am or 3.00pm (subject to availability).
To book tours, please call Catherine Horne on 01780 752451 ext.171 for a tour that will be tailored to suit your requirements

Talks with a tour in 2019

Introduction over tea, coffee and biscuits followed by a Self Guided Tour – £20.20 per person (including House and Gardens ticket)

Guides will give an informal introduction to the House over tea and coffee in the Loggia for freeflow groups only. It will be available prior to 11:30am and allow visitors to have an insight and greater understanding of the Cecil family before entering the House.(Duration (Talk): 20 mins. Duration (Tour): 1 hour. Maximum capacity: 50 per tour)

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The Changing Landscape at Burghley –  £50 per person

The day give an insight to Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s influence at Burghley. Intro Talk over tea/coffee with lectures given by ‘Capability’ experts. And a viewing with our Curator, Jon Culverhouse, of the ‘Capability’ exhibition; followed by lunch and a guided tour of the park with our Head Forester on how the park has evolved over the years – from London and Wise to ‘Capability’. Includes soup and sandwich lunch. (Duration: 10:30am – 4pm. Maximum capacity: 20 per tour)