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Key Stage 4

Fun and educational learning experiences for Key Stage 4 pupils

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KS4 History (AQA, OCR and EDexcel) Elizabethan England - The Story of a Queen

Explore the origins, character and influences of one of the greatest Queens of England, Elizabeth I. How did she rule? Who did she listen to? How did she view Parliament, religion, poverty and why was her reign called ‘The Golden Age'?

Visit Burghley House, the seat of William Cecil, Elizabeth’s Principal Adviser, Treasurer and friend to find the answers.

Includes a 45 minute presentation followed by a House tour with an Elizabethan theme and a guided Architecture tour.

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KS4 Art and Design (AQA, OCR and Edexcel): The Story Behind the Face

What exactly is a Portrait? What is a Portrait trying to communicate? This presentation offers an introduction to the world of portraits in the context of a historical environment. Learners will explore the language and imagery of portraiture and be encouraged to question what the artist is trying to say and why subjects are portrayed in different ways.

Includes a 45 minute presentation followed by a House tour with a focus on the Art Collection and Portraiture and a visit to the Sculpture Garden to explore Art in a contemporary context with accompanying Guide Book.

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KS4 Art and Design - Sculpture and Photography

How did Art shape our History? What’s the difference between Renaissance and Baroque Art? What does Art tell us? Enjoy a guided tour of Burghley House where the works of individual artists, periods and movements will be explored.

Explore our 13-acre Sculpture Garden, an open-air gallery home to a collection of striking sculpture. How does the Art integrate and enhance the environment? Discuss form, texture, shape, materials and intention. Utilise recording methods; drawing, note-making, location photography to support Portfolio work. Guidebook supplied.

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KS4 Travel and Tourism (Edexcel) - Business Environments

How does Burghley House attract an audience? How many visitors a year does it welcome? What does the Visitor Experience look like? Explore the structures and functions that make this iconic historic house and visitor attraction a success. Discuss the business plan, marketing and promotion strategies.

Includes 45 minute presentation on 'What Makes Burghley Different' followed by a guided tour of the House with a focus on the visitor experience and a Q&A with Burghley's Marketing Manager.

Contact us to ask about how the different workshops can combine together to form your day:

  • House Tour - a visit to the State Rooms with a focus on how the rooms were used in the time of William Cecil
  • Meet William Cecil - a teacher-in-role presentation in which students will be able to learn about the education, relationships, experiences and rise to power of one of the most influential statesmen of the Elizabethan age, in his great Prodigy House
  • Tudor Food – using a mock Tudor Banquet, a discussion of Tudor health and diet
  • Treasury Exhibition – a bespoke space presenting artefacts and information relating to Cecil’s time at Burghley
  • Portraits Talk – a presentation about some of the major portraits in the Burghley Collection
  • Architecture Tour – a guided tour of the exterior of the building discussing the structure, features and changes to the façade
  • Gardens Visit - Self guided visit of the Gardens at Burghley House

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