Sculpture Garden

Contemporary sculpture in an historic setting. On entering the sculpture garden visitors are welcomed by a mixed array of trees and shrubs for all seasons, many framed with an evergreen backdrop of common laurel. These shrubs form a major structural element within the gardens, forming archways and external rooms where discreetly hidden sculptures can be found.

Following the bark and mown pathways around the sculpture garden, you pass many different species of trees, many of them planted when the site was cleared of brambles and weeds in 1995; these, along with additional seasonal exhibitions of contemporary sculpture, make the perfect surroundings for a relaxing stroll.

Annual exhibitions of sculptures run from April to October along with permanent pieces, which can be viewed all the year round, including the grass maze designed by Peter Randall Page which gives fun to both young and old.

2019 Sculpture Exhibition

‘Form and Function’

The 2019 exhibition in the sculpture garden explores the themes of Form and Function. We will be updating this page when all of the exciting new sculptures are in place and the exhibition launches in a few weeks time.

To book tickets for the Sculpture Garden please see our Ticketing Page.