Burghley House | Treasury Exhibition: Treasures from the East
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16 - 3 Mar - Nov 2024

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Treasury Exhibition: Treasures from the East

Take a journey to the Far East in the 2024 Treasury Exhibition

The Treasury Exhibition features fascinating items from Burghley’s treasured Collection. Many items are not normally on display - often they are kept in the archives or in the family apartments. Some items have been on shown in the State Rooms which form part of the House tour, but aren’t always noticed, because the rooms are full of all sorts of amazing objects. The Treasury Exhibition offers a chance to view individual items up close and learn more about each one.

About this year's Treasury Exhibition - Treasure from the East

William Cecil, who built Burghley House in the 16th century, was Queen Elizabeth I’s principal advisor and her Lord High Treasurer. He took great interest in the expansion of foreign trade, particularly with the treasure-laden lands of the Far East.

Included in the exhibition is Lord Burghley’s great atlas of 1570 which illustrates the long sea voyages undertaken by early sailors. Their journeys held many dangers, but the rewards were great; the sea trade, initially in spices, developing to encompass a great range of beautiful and exotic luxury items including porcelains, semi-precious stones, lacquerwork, exquisite mother-of-pearl and delicately carved ivories. These were previously unknown in Europe and were destined to have a significant influence on Western culture. Many such items were collected by William Cecil’s descendants during the centuries that followed and brought to Burghley House. Visitors can view a selection of these historic items on display in this year's Treasury Exhibition.

The Treasury Exhibition is located in The Brewhouse and entry to the exhibition is included in your House admission ticket.

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16 March - 3 Nov 2024


10.30am - 4.30pm


The Brewhouse



Treasures from the East Workshops

Discover our range of workshops inspired by this year’s Treasury Exhibition offering a chance to explore the fascinating skills and traditions of the Far East.

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Kintsugi Workshop - Wednesday 14 August

Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop - Wednesday 11 September

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