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6 Oct 2022

In The Press: The Incredible Legacy of Burghley's Trees

The Moment magazine talked to Burghley’s Head Forester Peter Glassey who is responsible for looking after the 3,500 plus trees found in the Parkland. Designed by some of the foremost landscapers of the past – including London and Cooke and Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown – Burghley’s Parkland has been masterminded over hundreds of years. Conserving and preserving the landscape legacy is at the heart of Peter’s work.

The whole park is full of incredible, ancient, veteran and notable trees. With a potential life span of 1000+ years and each acting as a mini-nature reserve supporting an abundance of life forms, the trees at Burghley come in an array of shapes and sizes. In the article read about some of the tree characters in the estate including ‘El Magnifico’ which is one of the top 25 largest trees in the UK and ‘The Screaming Oak’ which looks like Munch’s Scream. Peter also describes the genius of Capability Brown’s design where particular trees were placed to act as ‘signposts’ to significant viewpoints and vistas throughout the landscape.

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The interview provides a fascinating insight to Burghley’s trees and is sure to bring a whole new perspective to your next walk around the Park!

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