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Our series of special lectures held in celebration of William Cecil - Lord Burghley during his 500th year anniversary. Listen to renowned speakers that took place in 2021. Please see audio recordings of some of those lectures below.

'One Heart, One Way: The Life and Career of William Cecil, Baron of Burghley'

Professor Stephen Alford - Friday 10th September 2021

Please note that due to a technical issue recording of this lecture begins 1 minute into the lecture.

This lecture will explore the first Lord Burghley’s world and political imagination, examining what drove him to work as hard as he did for queen and kingdom. It will consider his relationships with Queen Elizabeth, his fellow courtiers and his family. It will examine, too, some of the most decisive moments in Elizabethan politics through his eyes. And it will explore the centrality of Stamford and Burghley to William Cecil’s powerful sense of family and dynasty and of the obligations he had to his ‘country’.

'William Cecil: Renaissance, Reformation and the Renewal of England'

David Starkey - Friday 15th October 2021

Renowned historian David Starkey examines the role of William Cecil within the wider context in England at the time.

'The Tudors: Art, Architecture and Burghley House'

Dr. Simon Thurley - Thursday 11th November 2021

Former curator of Historic Royal Palaces, Director of Museum of London and Chief Executive of English Heritage explores the architecture of Burghley and its place in the landscape of Tudor England.

Lord Burghley Memorial Service

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