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Angelica Kauffman RA Loan 4
Burghley Treasures
21 Feb 2024

Burghley Treasures grace the Royal Academy of Arts

Burghley is lending four of its precious paintings to the Royal Academy of Arts for their major exhibition celebrating one of Europe’s most sought-after artists of the 18th Century – Angelica Kauffman.

Brownlow, 9th Earl of Exeter stood as an important figure in Kauffman's patronage. Infatuated with her paintings he played a pivotal role in recommending her for membership in the esteemed Royal Academy of Arts in 1768, of which she became one of two female Founding Members.

Brownlow, an aristocrat of refined taste, was captivated by Kauffman's depictions of influential figures, including queens, countesses, aristocrats, and socialites.

Their connection dates back to Brownlow's first Grand Tour in 1763 when he met Angelica in Rome. Enthralled by her talent, he returned to Burghley House with 14 paintings and numerous prints, solidifying his admiration for Kauffman's artistry.

Burghley's loan contribution to the Royal Academy's exhibition includes four masterpieces by Angelica Kauffman (pictured below):

  • Cleopatra Decorating Mark Anthony’s Tomb
  • 'Maria' (from Sterne)
  • Shakespeare’s Tomb
  • Portrait of the actor David Garrick
Portrait of the actor Robert Garrick PIC176

Portrait of the actor, Robert Garrick. An English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer who had a profound influence on theatrical practice in the 18th Century.

Cleopatra Decorating Mark Anthonys Tomb PIC286

Cleopatra decorating the Tomb of Mark Anthony.

Maria from Sterne PIC234

'Poor Maria' - Maria is a character in a novel entitled ‘A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy’ written by Lawrence Sterne and first published in 1768. The novel records that Maria is stricken with grief upon the death of her husband, her sense of loss depicted here by the artist.

Shakespeares Tomb PIC230

Shakespeare’s Tomb, by Angelica Kauffman.

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Angelica Kauffman – this transformative exhibition is running from 1 March to 30 June 2024.

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Angelica Kauffman by Sir Nathaniel Dance R A PIC180

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