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24 Oct 2022

Work Due to Commence on New Visitor Car Park

Work is due to commence on a new visitor car park at Burghley House as part of ongoing development plans to improve the visitor experience.

The new car park, scheduled to open in Spring 2023, will provide a more accessible, all-weather facility, as well as significantly increasing parking capacity with 365 car parking bays in a main car park and a further 370 bays in the green overflow area.

Conservation and preservation of Burghley’s historic Parkland has been a key factor in the decision to relocate the car park from its current location, where the health of the heritage treescape is at risk due to root damage from compaction of soil caused by vehicles. The new car park, which will be positioned to the East side of the current car park, has been designed to sit comfortably within the historic landscaping of Burghley Park. In future, our visitors' view, when approaching the House, will be of parkland rather than cars. The avenues of trees, such an important part of the original 17th Century landscape design, will be restored. Vital tree root protection areas will be established, both during and after construction work, for the long-term benefit of the trees.

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Burghley’s Chief Executive Officer, David Pennell, explains the motivation for the project:

“Those that visit Burghley often will be familiar with the ongoing issues at the existing site with mud during and after wet weather, the accessibility difficulties posed by the uneven surface, as well as the challenge in adequately coping with the volume of spaces required during busy periods and special events.

The new car park will vastly improve the experience for our visitors. However, it’s not just our visitors who will benefit but the conservation of the Parkland itself. The newly located car park will reduce the impact of cars on our trees in the current location and allow this area the opportunity to recover and return to its natural and intended landscape.”

Miranda Rock, Executive Chair Burghley said:

“We are committed to creating a welcoming and enjoyable visitor experience at Burghley, and that begins from the moment of arrival. The new purpose-built car park will make a positive difference to visitors. The addition will help ensure as many people as possible can enjoy Burghley year-round, whether they are visiting to explore the House and Gardens or coming to enjoy a walk in the Park.”

Local construction company, Burmor Construction, have been appointed as the Main Contractor and will commence works on 31 October 2022.

David Pennell commented on the decision to appoint the Market Deeping based family run firm: “Working with local contractors wherever possible is very important to Burghley and we are thrilled to have Burmor Construction on board. The project represents a significant investment for Burghley and embodies our commitment to maintaining, preserving, and investing in our heritage, environment, and local community.”

Luke Boekestyn, Director Burmor Construction said:
“We are delighted to be selected by Burghley to construct their new visitor’s car park. It is a privilege to work for such a highly regarded client and within the stunning grounds of the Burghley Estate.”

There will be no change to existing parking arrangements during the construction period and visitors should continue to use the current car park through the winter.

Burghley new car park

L-R: David Pennell, Chief Executive Officer Burghley, Luke Boekestyn, Director Burmor Construction and Philip Gompertz, Director of Commercial Visitor Operations Burghley

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